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Shree, Sherrie Wade - Transformation

These talks are recorded in the Himalayas of Northern India by Shree and Dattaa from Transformation Meditation. You'll get to experience the incredible sound spaces of the famous Himalayan Sages and enjoy the spiritual power and highest inner dimensions associated with this region. “Satsang (the company of wise and enlightened persons) is a gatekeeper to liberation. Satsang enlarges one’s intelligence and destroys one’s ignorance and psychological distress. Whatever be the cost, however difficult it may be, whatever obstacles may stand in its way, Satsang should never be neglected. For Satsang alone is one’s light on the path of life. Satsang is indeed superior to all other forms of spiritual practices.” — Yoga Vasishtha - You can play the Satsang Podcasts once a week or every day to help inspire and deepen your meditation or to create ease for your morning and evening meditation practice. You can also listen to the podcast before you begin teaching your own meditation class for inspiration of what to speak about.

Freedom from disturbing Thoughts, by Shree
Sep 29 2022
Freedom from disturbing Thoughts, by Shree
Everyone who is aware knows that just one thought that comes into your head uninvited can ruin your day or your sleep. The mind generates thoughts and whether you are aware of them or not they can affect your mood and your state of mind. Becoming aware of them is the first step, but what can you do about it so you remain peaceful and don't waste your energy so you can be more productive?  One negative thought can affect your health or your energy levels. But if you can not control your thought then what can you do? You can repeat another thought and the negative thought will pass. That is called using a mantra. Man means mind and tra means to release.  A mantra releases you from the grip of your mind which can cause uncomfortable emotions such as irrational worries and fears. In this podcast, Shree guides you into the answered state or the questionless state whereby you are free from the content of your mind. If you want to elicit thought and act on it then you are free to do that. If you become aware that you are the Knower or the master of the thought and that the thought is not serving you then as the Knower you can change the thought or let it subside without identifying with it and suffering unnecessarily.  Through this practice of knowingness meditation, you can experience the peace that is always present but becomes covered by the mind like the clouds can cover the sun. For more books and audios by Shree go