There is often talk in spiritual teachings about having to be free from or even having to renounce your ego in order to realize your true Self.  Many people have a weak ego mechanism and do not think highly of themself.  Others, are narcissistic and overvalue themselves but underneath it they are insecure.  In order to realize the Self, it is not that you need to destroy your ego or your sense of I. It is that you need to expand your ego to include the Whole. You are not an individual ego. You are the Whole. When you know this then there is no ego. To be free of ego you can know that ego never existed as anything separate. Only You,  or I, the Self alone everywhere exists.  Then ego is not a problem when it is expanded and includes your Own Self everywhere.

Those with a good sense of their abilities and strengths may be said to be egotistic but that is only when they are living in a dualistic experience and believe themselves to be separate from others. When the Vision of Oneness is unfolded in meditation then you know that You alone are, Self alone is. This podcast will guide you in this knowledge through listening and practicing the guided meditation.

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