Episode 19: Jay Roewe Part 2

Screen Perspectives

Feb 23 2024 • 19 mins

Join us as we continue our conversation with Jay Roewe, Senior Vice President of Production at HBO! Learn more about Jay’s experience as a producer and how being a musician has intertwined effectively with his career. He also tells us how his job has taken him across the world, plus how the industry has evolved! Thanks for listening!

Featuring music from the band Second Sight, performing a cover version of Rod Stewart’s The Faces “Stay With Me” co-produced by Jay Roewe who is playing keyboards.

Second Sight Band Members:

Rick Benoit: Lead Vocals

Bruce Hendricks: Rhythm Guitar

Randy Ashburn: Lead Guitar

Gil Gagnon: Drums

Bill Fay: Bass

Jay Roewe: Keyboards

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