What's Happening MoCo?

Derrick Kenny

An authentic, unscripted update from County Cable Montgomery highlighting items that help residents of Montgomery County. This program will feature interviews with elected officials, employees, public servants, and residents. This program is produced by the Office of Community Engagement from the Department of Technology and Enterprise Business Services. Interviews are recorded live and presented  with very few edits to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the conversations.

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What's Happening with Alex Tsironis? Founder of MoCo Show Shares His Story in Content Creation
What's Happening with Alex Tsironis? Founder of MoCo Show Shares His Story in Content Creation
From a PE teacher to a social media maven, Alex Saronis, a.k.a. Mr. MoCo 301, joins us to chart his meteoric rise from the humble beginnings of #MoCoSnow to steering the MoCo Show platform towards millions of views. As Montgomery County's very own Community Engagement Manager, Derrick Kenny, reveals the multifaceted nature of his role, which spans far beyond communications into the realm of cable TV stations and content production. Our live audience at the Universities of Shady Grove buzzes with excitement as we unravel the tapestry of content creation and delve into the hearts behind the voices that resonate through podcasting's growing influence.This episode is steeped in the transformative power of local expertise and personal passion as it shapes the digital landscape. We dissect the strategy behind going viral, the responsibility of factual reporting, and the dance of monetization for small news outlets in the age of user-generated content. It's an open book into the highs and lows that come with the territory, from the story of local entrepreneurs who flipped the fast-casual food scene on its head with Cava, to the precision and care needed to handle the psychological toll of online negativity.As we wrap up, we address the critical art of managing an online presence, understanding your audience demographics, and the pure joy found in producing content that's true to who you are. Whether we're discussing the global marketplace's impact on local creators or the personal strategies for handling social media stress, this episode is packed with insights, inspiration, and the real stories of content creators shaping their own paths in Montgomery County and beyond. Guest Alex Saronis exemplifies this journey, showing us the power of evolving a brand while staying grounded in community values. Join us for a heartfelt exploration of what it means to craft stories and build connections in today's buzzing content creation landscape.
What's AUSOM about Accepting Autism?
Apr 28 2024
What's AUSOM about Accepting Autism?
Melissa Rosenberg, executive director of the Autism Society of Maryland (AUSOM) joins the latest episode of the What’s Happening MoCo podcast to mark the end of Autism Acceptance Month (April). According to Rosenberg, nearly 1 in 43 children received an Autism diagnosis in the state of Maryland. Her organization, AUSOM, provides free guidance and resources to assist people with Autism and their families. In addition, the podcast hears from the County’s Autism Voucher Program which provides financial support for services critical to students with Autism and their families.During the informative episode available today, Rosenberg’s colleague Kristen Letnick, resources coordinator for AUSOM, shares her experiences serving people impacted by Autism as a person diagnosed with Autism. Her unique perspective and extensive history as a counselor added value to the discussion which covered topics such as how to identify people with autism, when a family should have their child diagnosed, and the characteristics associated with the condition.To hear the full interview, listen to the What’s Happening MoCo podcast via a podcast platform, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music (ask Alexa to play the What’s Happening MoCo podcast), iHeartRadio, TuneIn and others. The video version of the podcast can be viewed on the What’s Happening MoCo Facebook page or on the County Cable Montgomery, Xfinity channel 996, RCN 1056 or Verizon 30.