Exploring Dwight School Seoul: A Comprehensive Guide for Prospective Educators


Sep 18 2023 • 59 mins

In this captivating episode of the Teach:Amazing! Podcast, Neil engages in an enlightening conversation with Jason Hayter, the Head of School at Dwight School Seoul. Together, they unveil a comprehensive guide for educators contemplating a career at Dwight School Seoul, offering insights into the school's programs, work environment, and life in the vibrant city of Seoul.

The episode commences by introducing Jason Hayter, a visionary educational leader renowned for his commitment to fostering academic excellence and creating an inspiring learning environment. As the discussion unfolds, listeners are treated to a panoramic view of the unique educational landscape that Dwight School Seoul presents.

Neil and Jason embark on a journey through the school's diverse programs and educational offerings. Jason provides an in-depth overview of the school's innovative curriculum, robust extracurricular activities, and specialized programs designed to nurture students' intellectual curiosity and holistic development.

Listeners are immersed in the vibrant life at Dwight School Seoul as Jason shares insights into the supportive community, diverse faculty, and the enriching cultural experiences that define the school's ethos. The hosts discuss the school's mission, emphasizing its dedication to providing an inclusive environment where both educators and students flourish.

The episode dives into the enticing work conditions and comprehensive packages offered to educators at Dwight School Seoul. Jason sheds light on professional development opportunities, teaching resources, and the supportive network available, fostering a culture of growth and empowerment among faculty members.

Neil and Jason explore what it's like to live and work in Seoul, offering a glimpse into the city's dynamic culture, technological advancements, and thriving lifestyle. They discuss the city's attractions, culinary diversity, and the unparalleled blend of tradition and modernity that Seoul offers to educators considering a career at the school.

Jason shares invaluable insights into the relocation process, housing options, community integration, and the overall quality of life that teachers can expect while living and teaching in Seoul. His firsthand experiences and anecdotes paint a vivid picture of the city's charm and opportunities for educators seeking an enriching international teaching experience.

This is an episode that serves as an invaluable resource for educators contemplating a career at this esteemed institution. Neil and Jason's engaging discussion offers a comprehensive understanding of the school's educational philosophy, work environment, package benefits, and the vibrant experience of living and teaching in the bustling city of Seoul. Tune in to discover if Dwight School Seoul is your Teach:Amazing! school, offering an exciting and fulfilling career path for passionate educators seeking a global teaching adventure.