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Experience stories of true innovation and grit while delving deep into the minds of world-class entrepreneurs, industry experts, influencers, and disruptors. Discover the best-kept secrets that are the driving force of modern business—or what will become that force soon enough. A raw, uncensored podcast by ”The RevOps Hitman,” Rob Turley, President & Co-Founder at White Rabbit Intel. #DTRHpodcast

Scrappy Creativity in the 2020s (Ft. Colt Briner)
Scrappy Creativity in the 2020s Ft. Colt Briner Creativity is something we all have. Even if you're analytical, you're guaranteed to have at least one form of creativity in you, so get scrappy! Creativity doesn't mean "artsy." It isn't exclusive to designers, artists, marketers, or musicians either! Creativity comes in many forms, like innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, solutions architecture, and many other "uncreative" and "unsexy" things!    “Businesses that are driven by purpose and powered by creativity are the ones that win” - Colt Briner   Key Takeaways:  Consistently practice your craft. If you stop practicing something—whatever it may be, you will slowly lose your hard-earned skill and expertise behind it. You won't only lose efficiency and effectiveness—you will fall out of touch because everything is always in constant change, though do so at different speeds.   Creativity is more than just using a pencil. Little do people know that there are numerous "types" of creativity, and each type has a range of depth. Creativity is not exclusive to artists and designers. Creativity comes in many forms, including analytical creativity. It seems like a juxtaposition—but it's true!  Progressive creativity requires structure within a company. Being creative is often easy, though creative people often have difficulty operationalizing things. The work process ends up looking like a chaotic mess. Design, marketing, and ad departments and/or agencies often struggle to operationalize properly. Remember: creativity is best served with a side of operational order to ensure a team is efficient AND effective while making an idea come to life!   A business's goals must be aligned with the creative team's initiatives. If your creative team doesn't understand the bigger picture in detail, they can't properly help you accomplish what you're trying to achieve as an organization. The assets the creative team makes end up being useless, may have the risk of being irrelevant to your ideal customer, and/or the assets drive a lot of engagement or attention because the viewer/prospect "likes it." However, it fails to convert them to paying customers.   About Colt  Colt has over 20+ years of experience as a marketing and business development executive supporting early-stage startups and full-fledged unicorns. He has built benchmark-crushing marketing departments from the ground up for five companies as an employed exec and supported dozens of others in doing the same as a consultant.  As Founder & CEO of Scrappy AF Marketing, he helps young organizations capture market share from industry incumbents and supports established businesses in accelerating growth. During his time as CMO for Ensemble Health, they secured 60% of all contracts written in their industry nationwide. He has helped to transform both healthcare and education in the United States.    Feel free to connect with Colt Briner or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or @RobTurley2 on Twitter!    #DTRHpodcast #HighVolumeIsDead #ScrappyAF #Creativity #Marketing #Goals #MarketingTips #Design #Mindset #CreativeThinking #Optimization
Apr 28 2022
47 mins
Dark Prospecting & Closed-Circuit Selling (Ft. Adem Manderovic)
Dark Prospecting & Closed-Circuit Selling Ft. Adem Manderovic The future of the sales and marketing industry will rely on data-driven RevOps practices that leverage closed-network (a.k.a. closed-circuit) sales environments and predictable prospecting capabilities. Adem and Rob go deep "down the rabbit hole" to surface the process behind successfully doing so and unearth the issues that are currently hidden within the modern sales and marketing process.    Key Takeaways:  It's about quality closes, not quantity meetings. The number of meetings you set has nothing to do with effectiveness or success. The fact that a deal closes is the only measurement that matters in the end. We need to stop focusing on indicators of sales activity and start focusing on the strategy behind the results—what counts.   The number of touches is rising. Don't be impatient. The average number of touches to get someone's reply is approximately 18 touches to date. We're headed in the wrong direction, and fast. 10 years ago, it was 7-9 touches; 10 years before that, it was 3-4. You do the math. It's a cumulative problem, and the way to cut through the noise is to win.  "Don't confuse 'attention' with 'intention.'"  A "smartass" marketer came up with the term "intent data" because it sells better and is more palletable. Truth is, intent cannot be measured until the outcome has happened and is just behavioral data that measures a person's attention and action—nothing more. You can't predict someone's intent, and "intent data" does not predict whether someone will buy—or otherwise. It can only indicate some loosely correlated "buyer signals"... or maybe not... you get the point.  Selling to the wrong client will damage your engineering team… What? Everything within every business is interwoven and connected, whether you'd like to think so or not. Listen to the podcast to learn more about this because it's honestly too cumbersome to explain in text.   About Adem  Adem is the Founder of Disruptur. A full-cycle sales company like no other. It replaces output management with outcome management.  Adem leverages "Dark Prospecting" and hyper-targeting techniques, coupled with "growth-by-magnification" methods at every touch of the sales process outlined in "Closed-Circuit Selling." The Disruptur framework has gained worldwide exposure on the global, critically acclaimed podcast, #UNGOOGLEABLE, by Jonny Stofko in 2022.   Feel free to connect with Adem Manderovic or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or @disruptur @RobTurley2 on Twitter!    #DTRHpodcast #HighVolumeIsDead #DarkProspecting #PredictableProspecting #ClosedCircuitSelling #Sales #Marketing #SalesEnablement #SalesTips #FutureOfBusiness #BusinessDevelopment #AI #SalesProcess
Apr 21 2022
40 mins
The State of Modern Selling (Ft. James Buckley)
The State of Modern Selling Ft. James Buckley The sales industry has lost most of its credibility. It's largely due to the obsession with efficiency at the sacrifice of effectiveness. The culprit responsible for the death of the salesperson is sales automation technology, which caused the gross overuse of scripted high-volume messaging, turning sales into a half-rate assembly line.    "You can't grow professionally unless you are willing to grow personally" —James Buckley   Key Takeaways:  It's YOUR responsibility to learn, grow, and succeed as a sales professional.  Don't solely rely on your employer, your boss, or any external factor to enable you to become successful in sales. Often employers do not get you the training or provide the right resources to help you get to where you want to be, so don't be afraid to acquire the right training or mentorship of your own volition.   You must EARN the opportunity to sell to somebody.  A salesperson's job is to help find a solution to a problem that is presented to them, not sell a product or service. You must discuss the prospect's current situation to understand the cause rather than shove a solution in their face to help patch a symptom. Dig deep and understand the situation.  Avoid saying “I” or "we" when reaching out to a prospect.  IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU! Using "I" or "we" make it about you. Stop and re-read the message you're about to send and think, "Is this message about them or me?" Put yourself in the buyer's shoes and think about the idea behind your messaging. "Is that how I'd want to be approached?"  Invest the time to build a personal brand.  Your sales numbers and success rates can be top-notch at the company you're working at, but you can't take 'em with you. You can take a personal brand with you!  If you have a decent one, you're far more likely to get hired somewhere, and it becomes easier to sell since you appear trustworthy and reliable publicly.   About James  As Chief Evangelist at JB Sales, James Buckley has the pleasure of joining some of the best minds in business and "edutaining" millions of salespeople on their journey. JB Sales events and memberships are helping sellers become the best sales professionals they can be... Because they deserve it.  The front lines of sales have never been more valuable. They need the skills and techniques to help them achieve goals consistently, grow personally and professionally, and ultimately become leaders in their industries. Salespeople now have the power (and choice) to take their destiny into their own hands.  His organization’s mission is to help salespeople set more meetings, close more deals, build the best personal brands, and win more often with resources that constantly help them level up their game.  Reach out to James directly - james@jbarrows.com. He always says, "Let’s connect! I’ve never met a stranger in my life!"   Feel free to connect with James Buckley or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or @saywhatsales @RobTurley2 on Twitter!    #DTRHpodcast #SayWhatSales #HighVolumeIsDead #Sales #SalesEnablement #SalesTraining #SalesTips #FutureOfSales #FutureOfBusiness #BusinessDevelopment #RelationshipBuilding #SalesProcess #BeHuman
Apr 14 2022
37 mins
Successful Selling 101: Planning, Execution & Ethics (Ft. Landon Hobbs)
Successful Selling 101: Planning, Execution, & Ethics Ft. Landon Hobbs A discussion around the idiocracy that the sales industry has devolved into. WTF happened? How the hell did we end up here? The lack of relationship-building, the increase in high-volume outreach (a.k.a. "spamming"), and the blatant disregard for the buyer's journey have destroyed the integrity of the salesperson.    "99% of the messaging out there is awful, so you HAVE to do your research ahead of time to stand out. If you're not willing to do that, you're going to have a real hard time (prospecting)." —Landon Hobbs   Key Takeaways:  Research who you reach out to BEFORE meeting them. They'll know if you didn't. When you're selling to leadership, THEY WILL KNOW if you haven't researched them and their business. When you don't, it's literally insulting to the person who's taking the time they don't have and giving it to you. Your chance at a sale goes right down the proverbial toilet.   Prospecting is like a game of chess.  Different people with different job functions of different hierarchies exist within a business. Intelligently decide who is best to reach out to and build relationships with. This is only possible if you DO the research. Make the wrong move or get too narrow/wide—you will fail.  Don't pitch unless you are directly asked to do so. Pitching is dead. No one wants to be pitched. Pitching is a bunch of scripted words sprayed in the prospect's face about why they should buy the thing you're selling without consent. Think about it... Who in the f*ck wants that? Ever?—Unless they specifically ask for it?  Don't force an agenda on someone. Your job is to guide them on the BUYER'S journey. No one wants to sit through a bulleted list of subjects they may or may not (and probably don't) want to talk about or sit through. Ask the buyer what they want to talk about and what problem THEY are trying to solve. Not the problem you know you solve. They may not even see it the way you or your organization does.   About Landon  Landon Hobbs, Account Executive at Reprise, advocates for all things related to the mental health of salespeople.  He wants to humanize vulnerability and bring back the human element to selling.   Feel free to connect with Landon Hobbs or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or @RobTurley2 on Twitter!    #DTRHpodcast #Sales #SalesEnablement #BusinessDevelopment #RelationshipBuilding #SDR #AE #Ethics #BeHuman #HighVolumeIsDead
Apr 7 2022
1 hr
How To Maximize ROI On A Budget (Ft. Mike Ruffing)
How To Maximize ROI On A Budget Ft. Mike Ruffing Digital marketing for SMBs is a challenge. "There's no way I have budget for that" is the most common reaction to the idea. Mike Ruffing, marketing veteran, who specializes in taking scaled enterprise marketing processes and "de-scaling" them to work effectively for small businesses with a shoestring budget.    Key Takeaways:  Know where your potential customer "lives."  You must find out where you're customers are or "hang out" to be able to market and communicate with them.   Marketing doesn't stop after the sale.  Marketing to your clients (or the lack thereof) is one of the most common mistakes that businesses make. They practically forget they exist, and marketing to current clients is 4-5x less expensive than marketing to net new.  Personalize gifts to your clients.  If a picture says a thousand words, then how many words do personal thank you cards (yes, paper and handwritten) or gifts say to someone?  Focus your A/B testing on fewer experiments for longer. If you lack a marketing budget or want to save on costs, then be sure to still A/B test, but perhaps do the A and the B at separate times at a slower drip for a longer period. This way you can still have variation AND save money when you need to.   About Mike  Mike is a 20+year marketing veteran, CEO at Problem Solver's Consultants marketing agency, husband, father, and golf nut. He spends his days helping SMBs scale and grow using proven marketing tactics mixed with the latest marketing strategies. If he's not in the office he's on the links enjoying some of the best courses in the country.   Feel free to connect with MIke Ruffing or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow @PrblemSolvers or @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #Marketing #Budgeting #ABtesting #SMB #Scaling #DigitalMarketing #GTM #GoToMarket #MarketingStrategy
Mar 31 2022
28 mins
The Importance of Adopting an Agile Business Process (Ft. Simon Severino)
The Importance of Adopting an Agile Business Process Ft. Simon Severino Agile is not exclusively for the engineering and product department. The method enables you to fall in love with the problem, not the solution. Simon takes us through "the three growth levers," shortening the path to "wow," and how to turn fixed costs into variable costs.    Key Takeaways:  Verify and compare measurable metrics.  Daily, weekly, and monthly metrics that represent progress and/or regress, such as the number of form submissions, website visits, conversions, etc.   Eliminate the silos within your business.  Whether it's a RevOps process or any other operational structure, keeping your business from siloing is critical. Silos create undesirable division. It "divides" a business and creates barriers that make it difficult to work together as a single unit.  Run tests constantly in parallel.  Always be Testing (AbT). Everything is a work in progress and nothing is perfect. there is always room for improvement so be sure to be testing all measurables within your organization to ensure there aren't points of failure or blockages present.   About Simon  Simon Severino is the author of "Strategy Sprints" & "Habits of Success," CEO of global consultancy Strategy Sprints, creator of the "Strategy Sprints Method," seen in Forbes & Entrepreneur Magazine, member of the SVBS Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, and the #1 speaker on agile strategy and agile sales.   Feel free to connect with Simon Severino or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow @strategysprints or @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #Agile #ProcessImprovement #Operations #SalesOps #RevOps #SalesEnablement #TechStack #AgileSales
Mar 24 2022
36 mins
Proven Ways to Get Noticed on TikTok (Ft. Will Aitken)
Proven Ways to Get Noticed on TikTok Ft. Will Aitken TikTok is uncharted territory for the B2B space. It has over 1.2 Billion users! It's ripe for the picking! How can you best leverage TikTok to create awareness at a mass scale? How can you start generating leads through short-hand, dynamic content? Learn from TikTok expert and influencer Will Aitken how it's possible to leverage TikTok for your business today!    Key Takeaways:  Start with a hook!  People using TikTok have extremely short attention spans and must be gripped by the video content within the first 2 seconds—otherwise, you lose them immediately.   Customize your content to fit the TikTok platform.  Content that you post on TikTok will NOT reflect your post anywhere else unless you're posting "Instagram Reels," so do not create "informative content" unless it's easily digestible and simplified.  Use humor your audience can resonate with.  People like funny sh*t. 'Nuff Said. It's easily consumable and resonates at an emotional level.  Niche down for leads, generalize for views, and always use hashtags.  Niching down the audience and creating more specific content will drive down your viewership but will specifically resonate with a particular audience. If your objective is to generate leads, this is the route you want to take. Suppose you're looking to drive awareness and gain a following. In that case, generalizing your content is essential, though always, be sure to "direction" your content by using relevant hashtags to ensure people will find your content.   About Will Aitken  Will is a content creator & active voice in the technology sales space with seven years of Individual contributor sales experience. He works as an evangelist at Sales Feed, a Vidyard media company subsidiary, producing entertaining and educational sales shows & short videos for the sales industry.  Will runs several B2B TikTok accounts with over 100K followers on each.    Feel free to connect with Will Aitken or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow @JustWillAitken or @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #TikTok #TikTokforBusiness #B2B #Marketing #SocialMedia #SocialMediaMarketing #Awareness #Influencing #Influencer #Sales #DemandGeneration #VideoContent
Mar 17 2022
41 mins
Podcasting: Create Real Connections that Matter (Ft. Kristin Molenaar)
DTRH Episode 52  Podcasting: Create Real Connections that Matter Ft. Kristin Molenaar Podcasting is a fun yet challenging way to make genuine long-term connections. Whether you're podcasting for business or pleasure—they're great for finding new clients or partners. It's an effective way to build strong relationships quickly. Invite your #1 prospect as a guest on your podcast. By the end (assuming all went well), it's almost guaranteed they'll be open to talking business with you.    Key Takeaways:  Focus on providing value to educate listeners—do not flaunt your status... NO ONE CARES!  People listen to podcasts for a few reasons: educate themselves, entertain themselves, or improve actions/behavior. No one cares how many awards you've won, how successful you are, or how much money you make. It's irrelevant and comes off as egotistical and arrogant.   Never sell or pitch anything... Again, NO ONE CARES!  People do not listen to podcasts to hear a sales pitch. They would talk to one of the million sales reps who are constantly hounding them over their LinkedIn DMs to have that kind of experience.  Publish podcast episodes consistently—never "forget" to post an episode.  If you're a podcaster and publish episodes weekly, be sure to release them at the exact same time on the same day, NO MATTER WHAT. If you skip a beat, your listenership will drop like a rock.  Use dialogue to build and strengthen your relationship with the host or guest.  The conversation between the host(s) and guest(s) is generally quite intimate. Podcasts are a fantastic way to truly get to know people and make a strong, genuine connection in a short period of time. Use that to your advantage, whether you're the one hosting or featuring.   "Dig deep. Focus on your existing connections instead of [trying to build] additional surface-level relationships."  - Kristin Molenaar, CEO at YesBoss    About Kristin  Kristin Molenaar is an entrepreneur-enthusiast who lives by the mantra "work less and make more." She enjoys helping entrepreneurs ditch vanity metrics for genuine, profitable connections.  Kristin's the CEO of YesBoss, a podcast booking agency that helps entrepreneurs elevate their visibility and credibility, so they can scale their business without becoming full-time marketers.    Feel free to connect with Kristin Molenaar or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #podcasting #podcastguest #yesboss #podcast #relationshipbuilding #featured #media
Mar 10 2022
37 mins
Identifying Misalignments within your Company Culture - Ft. Noele Williams
DTRH Episode 51  Identifying Misalignments within your Company Culture  Ft. Noele Williams "Simplexity" is an intriguing concept. We overcomplicate everything when it all boils down to something so simple. "Simplexity" is the best method for diagnosing the actual cause of an organization's problems—rather than the symptoms. We tend to overcomplicate everything and see things one-dimensionally, which keeps us focused on the wrong solutions.    Key Takeaways:  Don't treat your organization as a machine—it's organic to a fault, like it or not.  Your business is a team or multiple teams of people working together toward a goal. Humans are organic and always will be, so stop trying to force them to function like machines. It's unnatural.   Don't put your problems in boxes because they're all connected.  Everything is connected—like it or not. Often you'll find an issue somewhere like the product department, though it's a symptom, not the cause. You may later find the actual problem's caused by the sales team promising results that cannot be delivered!  Ensure you're achieving your maximum performance capacity.  Most companies do not have processes that maximize their current staff's performance or bandwidth possible and achievable.  Social norms should support your process protocols!  Your team needs to be allowed to "be themselves," or they feel like they don't belong and aren't a fit to be a part of your organization.   "... we are looking for answers, where instead, we should be looking for questions."  - Noele Williams    About Noele  Throughout her 36-year career, Noele Williams, Founder & CEO at INTERPRO Performance Solutions, has partnered with thousands of company leaders throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK.  After launching her career in management at Procter & Gamble, Noele served as a senior member of a firm providing professional diversity consulting services for dozens of Fortune 500 companies across the country.  In 1991, Noele founded INTERPRO to concentrate on building metrics-based methods for optimizing organization performance early in the firm's history. Noele developed the company's signature Quality of Performance Capacity (QPC) Diagnostics, a unique set of products that allows clients to leverage hidden drivers to harness untapped potential.   Feel free to connect with Noele or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #culture #performance #optimization #processimprovement #problemsolving #consulting  #process #EOS
Mar 3 2022
41 mins
Create your Personal Brand like the Godfather of Instagram (Ft. Tony Pec)
DTRH Episode 50  Create your Personal Brand like the "Godfather of Instagram"  Ft. Tony Pec [a.k.a. "The Godfather of Instagram"]  Becoming a social media influencer doesn't happen overnight. Platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are very powerful tools for B2B + B2C marketers and business owners, but not a magic pill. Your personal brand and a strong public-facing company culture are essential. Rob and our star guest, Tony Pec, discuss how you can make it to the top.    Key Takeaways:  Be authentic and show off your culture.  It doesn't matter if you're in an enterprise company or a solopreneur. YOU are your culture. Let the world know who you are and what you believe in to resonate with others in an authentic way.   If someone comments on your post or content... COMMENT BACK.  Someone is taking the time out of their busy day to engage with YOU. Do you have an abundance of free time? "No"? — It means they give enough of a shit to interact with you, so give a shit back.  Get to know and immerse yourself in your audience.  People generally create content and only interact with the content they created themselves. Content creators rarely really get to know or directly engage with those who follow them. Don't make this rookie mistake.  Everyone loves free shit, so offer it!  Depending on what audience you're trying to target, you can offer free product if you're looking to drive conversion, though if your goal is awareness or fame, then always offer cash. Who doesn't love money?   "People expect to build their brand on social in a month. How the fuck can you expect it to build your brand in a month if it took you 9 years to do it offline?! Does social media build your brand faster? Abso-fucking-lutely! ... But it's no one's job to remember who you are and what you do in the morning. It is YOUR job to stay front and center."  - Tony Pec, Godfather of Instagram, Founder of Y Not You Media    About Tony  Tony Pec, known as "the Godfather of Instagram," co-founder of Y Not You Media, is a Forbes accredited digital marketer who specializes in targeted Instagram followers, brand strategy/dev, social ads, web design, and content creation.  Tony has an office in NY and a team of twelve and is a motivational, mindset, and keynote speaker for small and medium-sized businesses.  Connect with Tony Pec on Instagram, though look for the blue check to make sure it's him! –> @TonyPec_    Feel free to connect with Tony Pec or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #ynotyou #socialmedia #influencer #infuencermarketing #growth #marketing #instagram #digitalmarketing #content #thoughtleadership
Feb 24 2022
47 mins
What Your Ad Agency is Hiding From You
DTRH Episode 49 What Your Ad Agency is Hiding From You Ft. Colby Flood Many ad agencies are not transparent and often hide their process from you. They come off as "shady" or "insincere" when interfacing with clients. This creates a high tension in their client-provider relationship, followed by a rocky road of high churn and failure rate. This can be avoided by providing clients with the details about their process/roadmap and transparency around their decisions.    Key Takeaways:  The grave mistake ad agencies make is being opaque.  Lead with education while engaging with clients. Transparency and honesty are the policy. The key to preventing churn is a mutual understanding of the what, why, how, and the outcome you're getting.   Learn each client's communication style.  The ability to communicate appropriately is often warped. Over-communication is highly suggested until the right level, and proper language is established.  Don't attempt to "do everything."  If you try to do everything, you accomplish a whole lot of nothing.  Nobody likes surprises...  Always create a plan for clients. If you aren't planning the future for the clients you interface with when providing advertising services, you tend to have a high churn rate and damage the relationship.   "Slow down to speed up."  - Colby Flood   About Colby As an in-house marketer, Colby noticed one major issue with the agencies he hired—communication.  Colby founded Brighter Click to create an education-first agency that focuses not just on performance, but on proactive communication led by education.   Feel free to connect with Colby Flood or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #HighVolumeIsDead #Advertising #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #EducationFirst #Transparency #Honesty
Feb 17 2022
44 mins
High Volume Marketing is DEAD
DTRH Episode 48 High Volume Marketing is DEAD Ft. Seth Greene Hate to break it to everyone, but high volume is DEAD. The amount of "noise" generated by businesses in the marketplace created a toxic environment for demand generation, delivering valuable content, and selling. We're all playing the "numbers game." Turns out this "game" dug the mile-wide hole most businesses are stuck in.    Key Takeaways:  High-volume outreach damages your brand. It annoys the sh*t out of people, you become viewed as irrelevant, and it makes your company, marketing team, and sales reps look bad in the marketplace.   Too many people try to grow their business themselves. They dump money into high-volume spray-and-pray marketing, high-volume spaghetti selling, and mass-distributed generalized advertising. Don't "generalize" your messaging. Be relevant and be sure to connect the dots for them. It's only obvious to you because you created it or sell it so you must meet them where they are, then start building relationships by communicating with them at a human level. Segment your prospects into core groups. Segmentation of your prospects or target buyers into small niche audiences is of the utmost importance. Ensure you are speaking the language of the customer before engaging. Stop the bullsh*t product peddling ASAP.  "People's most valuable commodity isn't their money; it's their attention. If you're boring, if you sound like everybody else, if you're plain vanilla, no one will pay attention to you..."  - Seth Greene   About Seth Seth Greene, Founder of Market Domination LLC, is the nation’s foremost authority on how to grow your business with a cult of 50 evangelists promoting your business every week for a year.  Seth is the co-host of the Sharkpreneur Podcast with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington which was named the number 6 podcast to listen to by Nasdaq.  Seth is a 9-time best-selling author who has been interviewed on NBC News, CBS News, Forbes, Inc, CBS Moneywatch, and many more.    Feel free to connect with Seth Greene or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #MarketDomination #HighVolumeIsDead #DigitalMarketing #Advertising #Growth #Sharkpreneur #Marketing
Feb 10 2022
35 mins
Scale your Agency with High Profit Margins
Feb 3 2022
49 mins
How to Generate Qualified Leads (Ft. Dan Newman)
Jan 27 2022
37 mins
Go Against the Grain - Hire Millennials - Ft. Nate Sroor
DTRH Episode 45 Go Against the Grain - Hire Millennials Ft. Nate Sroor Learn from two C-level Millennials about how to hire Millennials. Enough said.    Key Takeaways:  Spot the hustle. How to find the millennials with the drive and determination to learn at any cost.   Test them. Though it's an "out-of-scope" ask—see how committed they are to helping you and your business.  Loosen up and take on a bit of risk. Give millennials more room to grow and allow them to take on larger responsibilities in a shorter timeframe—or else they will leave.  People grow and progress at different rates, though most millennials will put in the work to learn and grow at an alarming rate.   "I'm 21 years old and netted $1.6M in revenue in my first 8 months at my current business—so what does my age have to do with my ability to produce?"  - Nate Sroor   About Nate  Nate Sroor is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Pneuma Media, and his focus is on growing the client and partner network. Since joining the team, Pneuma has drastically increased revenue and client acquisition, month-over-month.  Nate launched The Conscious Rebellion podcast in 2020 after seeing the direction our world is heading in. Gen Z has the power to right the wrongs of generations past and exposes the truth about what is happening in our world today, though only if they’re aware of it. Nate's mission is to lift back the curtain for them.  Nate has spent his entire professional career building and scaling businesses across multiple different industries.      Feel free to connect with Thomas "Ai Nerd" Helfrich or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #Hiring #Millennials #Sales #Recruiting #GenZ #Trends #Culture
Jan 20 2022
59 mins
How to Gain a Following & Generate Relevant Content (Ft. Thomas ”Ai Nerd” Helfrich)
DTRH Episode 44 How to Gain a Following & Generate Relevant Content Ft. Thomas "Ai Nerd" Helfrich Gaining a following and generating constant content that maintains your digital relevance is more challenging than it sounds. What does every business, business owner, influencer, and networker need in common? To stay relevant, follow trends, and keep their audience's attention. Thomas, master of contextual relevance, and Rob talk about the best practices and technologies you can use to build your following, generate content, and become or remain relevant.    Key Takeaways:  Fully commit to ONE social or networking platform. Stretching yourself results in self-destruction.   Don't leave "dead-end" comments or create posts that don't start a conversation.   Follow and familiarize yourself with market and behavioral trends. Trends are always relevant.  ALWAYS give before you get. No one likes "selfish" content or engagement.   "Technology is meant to augment and enhance humans to create progress, not to replace them."  - Rob Turley    About Thomas  "Why "Ai Nerd?" Honestly, I saw ainerd.com for sale on GoDaddy for 8.99 and bought it. True Story."  Thomas is a LinkedIn Influencer with over 165k followers and the CEO of Instarel. But first, let's go back a bit... Thomas grew up in St. Louis, MO. Great town and graduated at the end of the "DotCom Boom," which seeded his career path.  Once the boom was over, Thomas went from being an entrepreneur to corporate and consulting. 10 years or so of experience here showed him how companies and people make decisions, think, buy tech, implement, and support it.  Enter RPA (Robotic Process Automation). This technology, once observed, fundamentally changed his trajectory. That showed him the power of tech and how it can transform businesses—especially when AI is involved.  Today, Thomas is now the "Ai Nerd" at heart. He loves tech and knows how to successfully apply it in your business. He's lucky to have the gift to explain it in an "un-nerdy" way and has successfully done so for 20+ years.  As an AI-innovation, intelligent automation, and LinkedIn expert, Thomas knows how to transform digital relevance into a revenue-generating machine.    Feel free to connect with Thomas "Ai Nerd" Helfrich or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow Rob @RobTurley2 or Thomas @instarel_ai on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #Influencing #SocialMedia #ContentStrategy #DigitalRelevance #AI #Innovation #Trends #Culture
Jan 13 2022
35 mins
What’s Wrong with the Marketing Industry (Ft. Marcus Hemsley)
DTRH Episode 43 What's Wrong with the Marketing Industry Ft. Marcus Hemsley Marcus Hemsley, Founder of Fountain Partnership, and master of evidence-based marketing has an intense debate about what is broken in the marketing industry. Learn the greatest mistakes, how to avoid them, and the best practices to ensure your success. Get the results you deserve by focusing on the outcome. Don't mislead yourself by focusing on the marketing activity itself.    Key Takeaways:  The greatest mistake in marketing is focusing on activity, not outcomes.   "Founder's Disease" is a terminal illness. It's NOT about YOU.   Serve instead of sell when creating your content and messaging.  Speak to your audience as if you're having a face-to-face conversation.   "The biggest mistake in marketing is focusing on activity, not outcomes."  - Marcus Hemsley    About Marcus  With over 12 years of experience as the Founder of Fountain Partnership, Marcus Hemsley specializes in evidence-based marketing that brings the best return on investment for his clients.  Marcus love helping individuals, businesses and organizations achieve their aspirations. It's what drives him. He's passionate about taking bold action on the climate emergency and always keen to talk about solving for it.  Marcus's company, Fountain Partnership is a Google International Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency. In December 2016, they were awarded Best Search Agency by Google at their Premier Partner Awards in Dublin. In 2017, they won Google's Award for Growing Businesses online in EMEA.    Feel free to connect with Marcus Hemsley or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow Rob @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #Marketing #MarketingStrategy #EvidenceBasedMarketing #DigitalMarketing #DemandGeneration #MarketingSolutions
Jan 6 2022
51 mins
How to Sell More Using Video Prospecting Tools (Ft. Collin Mitchell)How to Un-f*ck Company Culture (Ft. Patrick Linehan)
DTRH Episode 41 How to Un-F*ck Company Culture Ft. Patrick Linehan Negative company culture spreads like a disease. Businesses tend to focus on the symptoms that flare-up, rather than addressing the root cause. Losses are blamed on poor marketing, bad process, ineffective selling, and other revenue-based matters, instead of internal communication, attitude, and poor leadership. Wake the f*ck up and look in the mirror. Toxic culture is often the primary reason organizations begin to die.    Key Takeaways:  Performance is not indicative of leadership success.   Be 100% honest with yourself. If you're continuously questioning the same things over and over, then something is very wrong with your culture.   People have to believe is that change is possible AND on the roadmap. Uncertainty is why people leave.   "Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch."  - Ivern Ball   About Patrick  Patrick is a founding partner of Linehan Group and has 20 years of experience creating, scaling, and optimizing high-performance teams and business units.  Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, LA, London, Valencia are some of the cities Patrick has been based where he drove cultural and sales transformation in industries such as Media, Real Estate, Insurance, Solar Energy, Education, and Consulting.  He focuses on “…creating total clarity around the mission-critical and by cultivating an extreme ownership mindset with partners and clients alike.”  Patrick believes all performance is driven by culture and that business is relationships because human beings move when their emotions are moved!  Linehan Group lives by the credo: "Clarity precedes success and there can be no sales success without volume!"    Feel free to connect with Patrick Linehan or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow Rob @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #Culture #WinIn2022 #ElementMastery #CompanyCulture #LinehanGroup
Dec 16 2021
44 mins
SMB Marketing: From Struggle to Success (Ft. Jeff Pugel)
DTRH Episode 40 SMB Marketing: From Struggle to Success Ft. Jeff Pugel Brick-and-mortar SMBs have trouble marketing themselves and often get caught in a situation where they pay a small marketing firm a lot of money to go nowhere. SMBs encounter risks when contracting marketing firms with minimal budgets, and it often ends in disaster. How do they know who to trust? It can be the difference between life and death!    Key Takeaways:  Do extensive research on a marketing firm before you contract them for work.   The greater majority of large and small businesses do not know their actual ideal target.   Do market research to ensure a market and demand for your product or service.   About Jeff  Waking up in a cold sweat at 3 AM, spring 2019. Jeff knew he was done with corporate life. The startup he joined where he had to move his family cross-country was broken beyond repair. Great concept, a handful of happy clients, but zero marketing presence to get to that next level. Things stagnated after advocating for a strategic marketing approach that the President liked, and the COO didn’t. Rather than do nothing, Jeff handed in his resignation.  Today, what they rejected is what Jeff helps his clients accomplish. After 20+ years in advertising and media sales, he realized small business owners had misled what they needed to know about growing their business.  Jeff's mission is to accelerate profits and guarantee quantifiable ROI from his marketing coaching and consulting hybrid. Unlike 99% of the coaches & consultants out there, he's only happy to guarantee an outcome of positive results as long as his clients put in the work mutually agreed upon.  Jeff is dynamic, energetic, and a knowledgeable speaker equipped with actionable advice on what you can do right now to get your business back on track. Audiences and hosts love him and his approach to sweeping change without breaking the bank or spending an extra cent.   Feel free to connect with Jeff Pugel or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow Rob @RobTurley2 on Twitter!  #DTRHpodcast #SMB #Marketing #SMBmarketing #Trust
Dec 9 2021
43 mins