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Welcome to The Impactful Influencers Podcast!

Where we dive into the cosmic currents and explore the unfolding of transformative energies! As prophesied at the dawn of the year, a cosmic wave is sweeping in, bringing with it the rise of New Earth Conscious leaders who are set to redefine influence in our world.

In this electrifying podcast, we unravel the cosmic threads of my predictions, shining a spotlight on those leaders who have been quietly shaping destinies away from the limelight. If you've been a silent force, diligently carving your path, guess what? The universe has earmarked this moment for you to step into the brilliance of your own radiance.

Join us as we navigate the exciting vibes in the air, exploring the journeys of those destined to become the new influencers. It's time to embrace the cosmic shift and unlock your potential as a New Earth Conscious leader. Get ready to shine like never before! 🚀✨

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Navigating The Ugly Stages
Mar 28 2024
Navigating The Ugly Stages
Have you ever stared at a canvas, paintbrush in hand, paralyzed by the fear of making the first stroke? That's what navigating life as a purpose-driven high achiever can feel like. In this episode, we peel back the layers of emotional mastery and intuitive wisdom. Together, we'll learn to trust the process, even when it feels like we're trudging through the 'ugly stage' of personal growth and transformation. In this episode, I share my own tumultuous journey through the solitary phases of self-discovery, and how embracing patience and intuition can lead to breakthroughs in becoming the impactful influencer you aspire to be.Our discussion traverses the terrain of last week's standalone series, examining the art of gaining clarity amidst chaos. I'll guide you through the decisions that shape our destinies—what to hold onto and what to release in order to evolve. Listen in as we confront the internal conflicts that arise when taking risks and making changes, illustrating that whether you’re taking a leap of faith or a cautious step, both can lead to profound growth. By the end of our time together, you'll be inspired to continue painting the canvas of your life with vigor, listening to those intuitive nudges, and wielding your experiences with the freedom and power of an artist in their element.Grab my FREE Guide - The Blueprints to Self-Actualization!🚀✨ Visit my website at🚀✨Join me in our private Facebook Community: