Exploring the Depths of Grief

The Human Potential Podcast

Feb 13 2024 • 1 hr 9 mins

Ep 9 Exploring the Depths of Grief

Special Guest Sarah Pletts https://www.griefsupport.org.uk

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Welcome to another edition of the Human Potential Podcast! In this episode, I sit down with Sarah, a grief tender, to explore the profound and emotive topic of grief. We delve into the messy parts of grief, its various forms beyond bereavement, and the power of vulnerability in embracing our authentic selves.

Sarah shares her journey into grief-tending, working with groups to create spaces where grief is not only acknowledged but welcomed. We discuss the conventional model of the five stages of grief, challenging its linearity and emphasizing the uniqueness of each individual's grief journey.

The conversation takes a fascinating turn as we discuss the wonders of grief and how our grief is a powerful portal for more love and connection. We also explore ancestral grief, recognizing how the collective and intergenerational experiences contribute to our emotional landscapes. We touch upon the impact of collective traumas and the epigenetic echoes of trauma through generations.

Frances Weller's book, "The Wild Edge of Sorrow," becomes a guiding light in our discussion. We reflect on a powerful quote about grief as a solvent capable of softening the hardest places in our hearts. Sarah shares insights on shame, worth, and the importance of welcoming all aspects of ourselves, even the messy ones.

We highlight the role of self-awareness in parenting, inviting listeners to explore how their own unprocessed grief may impact their relationships and parenting styles.

To make this episode actionable, we introduce a powerful tool – The Pause. Acknowledging the enormity of grief and the collective experiences discussed, taking a moment to pause allows us to honour these emotions and navigate them with intention.

Join us in this transformative episode as we navigate the intricate paths of grief, embracing vulnerability, and fostering a deeper connection with our rawest emotions . Tune in now for a journey into the heart of human potential and the transformative power of grief.