Jason Pollard, Co-Founder and Director of Retail Strategy at Public Design Group talks service retail design.


Mar 3 2021 • 33 mins

If a picture alone is worth a thousand words, the communication capabilities of an entire space can only be imagined! Retail design is a real game-changer for businesses, and can have a profound impact on customers, sales, staff and community.
In this episode of Commical, Marie is joined by Jason Pollard, Co-founder and Director of Retail Strategy at Public Design Group. He delves into how purpose led design in retail and office environments can elevate your business and relationships.
Jason explains that the physical environment is more than just space. It’s an avenue for endless opportunities to connect with consumers and staff in unique and meaningful ways. This is where the power of retail design comes into play.

Through a range of personal experiences and real-life examples, Jason brings invaluable insight into retail design and its role in communication and relationship building.

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