L. David Marquet, Best-selling Author and Leadership Consultant, talks leadership communication and the power of language.


Apr 27 2021 • 31 mins

Language is a powerful tool that can make or break organisations, leaders, and teams. When used well, words can amount to great outcomes. When used poorly, they can have severe consequences.

In 2015, American Cargo Ship, SS El Faro sailed into the middle of Hurricane Joaquin. In a series of tragic events, the ship sadly went down with all 33 mariners on board. It left behind a voyage data recorder documenting final conversations, and a lesson we all need to learn; words matter.

Tune in to this fascinating episode of Commical with L. David Marquet, retired Navy captain and best-selling author of Leadership is Language. Gain insight into the critical role of language in leadership, teamwork, and decision making.

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