Anxiety Bites


Comedian Jen Kirkman who has had life-long Panic and Generalized Anxiety Disorder brings her life-lessons, humor, and hope to a show that’s about normalizing having anxiety so that we go from whispering dramatically, “I have anxiety” to saying out loud with a shrug, “Yeah, I have anxiety.” Jen will interview experts with anxiety be they PhD’s, creatives, or spiritual gurus for advice on how to self-diagnose, begin to treat, and how to live easily with everyday anxiety and panic – and at the very least – giving an interesting, relatable, calming listen.

Apr 27 2022
Jen talks to Dr. Nina Vasan about how entrepreneurs can change future of anxiety recovery, the experience of "compassionate search" online, and the Biopsychosocial model for anxiety recovery. Dr. Nina Vasan is the Chief Medical Officer of Real, a mental health care company building a new therapy model. Outside of her work at Real, she is a psychiatrist and professor at Stanford, where she is the Founder and Executive Director of Brainstorm: The Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation. She holds an MD from Harvard Medical School, MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and completed Psychiatry Residency at Stanford School of Medicine, where she was Chief Resident.                                                                                                       FOR A FREE MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP TO REAL follow the steps below:  Go to Select ‘join now’ at the top  Select the monthly option and proceed to provide their member info At the paywall (where it asks you to input your credit card) there will be a section for a coupon code/promo – please enter: ANXIETYBITES Click complete and now you have one month free off a monthly membership to Real. Download the app to continue member onboarding, ultimately picking a Pathway to get started!                                                                             For more information on Jen Kirkman, the host of Anxiety Bites, please go here: and to get the takeaways for this episode please visit: send an email to the show write to anxietybitesweekly at gmail dot com Anxiety Bites is distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network and co-produced by Dylan Fagan and JJ Posway.See for privacy information.