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Horse DNA, genetic testing, coat color, ancestry, breed testing, cloning, Crispr, genetic editing, performance, health, equine athletes and more! We talk about all things horse and genetics on this podcast with all horse folk from celebrity athletes and their equine partners to breeders, judges, registries and everyday owners.  Brought to you by a team of scientists who happen to be horse people.  We know you, because we are you. Know your horse all the way down to the DNA.

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Horse DNA: Genetics Unbridled Trailer
Aug 29 2023
Horse DNA: Genetics Unbridled Trailer
Are you ready to embark on a journey into the captivating world of equine genetics? Welcome to Genetics Unbridled, the podcast that delves deep into the DNA of horses. Our mission is clear: to unravel the intricate threads of equine genetics and present you with enlightening conversations that empower you to comprehend, nurture, and thrive alongside your equine companion.As responsible horse owners, providing unparalleled care is at the core of what we do. By tuning in to Genetics Unbridled, you'll gain access to game-changing insights that amplify every facet of the equine industry. Breeders will identify optimal stock pairings, riders will decode the reasons behind their horses' unique traits, and enthusiasts will unearth a treasure trove of knowledge.Your equine partner's DNA is a vault of secrets waiting to be unlocked. Performance capabilities, potential health vulnerabilities, coat color revelations, genetic composition – all lie within the strands of their DNA. Prepare to be amazed as we delve into the astonishing science that shapes these magnificent creatures.Don't wait any longer – join us on Genetics Unbridled as we explore the intricate world of equine genetics. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate newcomer, our podcast will spark your curiosity and fuel your understanding of these extraordinary animals. Subscribe now and get ready to unravel the genetic mysteries that define our beloved equine companions. It's time to embrace the science that connects us to our horses in ways we never thought possible.
Rescue Horse Mystery: A story of love, family and equine DNA
Aug 24 2023
Rescue Horse Mystery: A story of love, family and equine DNA
Prepare for a thrilling ride into equine genetics! We're tracking a mystery, piecing together secrets hidden in the DNA of a horse named Cairo. With Liz Hill, Cairo's owner, by our side, we navigate the labyrinth of horse genomes using the advanced tools at Etalon's DNA database. Christa Lafayette, the CEO of Etalon, and Head of Quality Control & Data Management Katie Martin, join us in this quest, unraveling the complex genetic conundrum that lies at the core of Cairo's past.From one mystery to another, we transition into the captivating world of Connemara horses. Breeder, Janet Johnson, joins us to tell her about her stallion Skyview's Triton. What do Connemara's and Triton have to do with Cairo? You'll also get an insider's view into Liz and Janet's relentless pursuit in tracing Cairo's lineage, an adventure that uncovers intriguing facts and fuels engrossing conversations.And if you thought that's all, hold your horses! Our trail takes us to a profound discussion about the significance of DNA testing and horse registries. We learn how a horse's physical attributes and temperament can be a telltale sign of its breed. Listen in as Janet highlights the importance of a strong community in solving breed mysteries, and the powerful bonds we can form with fellow horse enthusiasts. What you're about to hear is more than a podcast episode - it's an unforgettable journey that celebrates the unique bond between a horse and its owner, the marvels of genetics, and the joy of discovery. So, it is time for a genetic deep dive!