Season 1, Episode 5. Origin Story: Nightmare Muscle

Balance & Manifest: Your Rise to Greatness - Presented by Nine Realms Athletics

Jan 24 2022 • 1 hr 39 mins

On this episode, Sean takes a little road trip to sit down with the men behind one of the biggest up and coming brands in powerlifting, Nightmare Muscle. Ryan, Mike, and Wilmer share the stories of how they all met, how the Nightmare Muscle brand came to be, how they got started in powerlifting, and much more! We are extremely grateful to the guys for giving us their time and sharing their story with us! We hope you enjoy a more in depth look into the Nightmare Muscle brand!

Go check out their website at Nightmare Muscle! You can also follow them on Instagram. They also run a print shop, Fit Print Bros, if you're interested in getting your own brand started! ALSO, Wilmer has his own business called Breaking PR's. Wilmer is a photographer, videographer, and has his own line of coffee! Give him a follow.

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