From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: The Protocol Praxis

Suzanne Z. Pedro

People in leadership positions deny that emotions play any role in their decision making. A Caveat is that leading neuroscientists concur that 95 percent of all thoughts, emotions and learning occurs before an individual is even aware. From the Boardroom to the Bedroom masters an arsenal of neuro-behavioral skills on how to appeal to others’ subconscious motivations. Tired of mediocrity? Break free! Arm yourself with influence, power, and persuasion, faster and successfully in all facets of your life. The data speaks for itself. So don’t be delusional. If you want to get ahead of the competition regardless if it’s in the office, boardroom, or bedroom, discover that the natural attraction to a colleague or mate is propelled by unconscious emotions that happens at a deeper unconscious level. From the Boardroom to the Bedroom unleashes your synergistic energy to influence others with your ultimate power and persuasion for business success and personal finesse.
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Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up for Your Rights
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