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From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: The Protocol Praxis

Mar 31 2015 • 56 mins

In today’s world, there are so many sources for news-read a newspaper, watch t.v., or scroll through online sites. No matter how you receive your news, I’m sure you’ll agree that it can often be depressing or demoralizing. Studies have shown that much of today’s news reporting causes a general malaise and sense of helplessness. It doesn’t have to be this way! You can start getting your news from Girl Talk HQ, a daily news site whose mission is to inspire and to empower. It is different from other news sources because it ONLY focuses on positive news. This week, we are lucky to have Girl Talk HQ founder and Editor-in-Chief, Asha Dahya. Asha truly knows about empowerment because she has created a site that empowers women. Whether you dream of starting your own business inspiring others as Asha has done, or whether you are just tired of depressing news and want to be empowered and inspired on a daily basis, join me as we go beyond the boardroom and the bedroom and step into Girl Talk HQ.