Put on Your Poker Face...You Were Born This Way

From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: The Protocol Praxis

Mar 10 2015 • 43 mins

Ok, little monsters, is Lady Gaga just another pop music celebrity? Was she really “born this way?” or has she just created a successful persona? Lady Gaga hit the music scene in 2009 when the record industry was in crisis due to digital downloads. Lady Gaga not only topped the charts, but she has sustained longer than many performers. In addition to her musical talents, she is outspoken on behalf of civil rights issues and empowers others through her actions as well as through her songs. This week, my guest, professor Mathieu Deflem, will discuss the sociology behind Lady Gaga. In 2011, Mr. created a globally-renowned class on Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame. So, whether you’re a fan who plays a Lady Gaga CD when you want to be inspired or whether you merely want to empower yourself through the creation of a persona, this is an episode you do not want to miss….The sociology behind Lady Gaga can teach lessons that will empower you in both the boardroom and in the bedroom.