30 Days to Better Habits, Increased Will Power, and Self Experimentation to Overcome Setbacks and Reach Your Goals w/ Dr. Gregory Kelly — The Bledsoe Show #111

Barbell Shrugged

Dec 3 2018 • 1 hr 29 mins

Dr. Gregory Kelly is Lead Product Formulator at Neurohacker Collective, a Naturopathic Doctor and subject matter expert on nutrition, wellness, and preventive medicine, with a solution-minded approach to problems and a broad scope of experience, including clinical practice, nutraceutical research & formulation, classroom and online education, medical writing and publication, corporate wellness, medical claims’ analysis, and development of IT solutions.

In this episode, we dive into how we can move through obstructions and get where we want, how to set expectations on what we can do with existing resources, how to harvest both willpower and strong habits, how to grow your willpower within 30-60 days and keep it, morning vs. night people - how to understand what type you are, and much more.




Show notes: https://shruggedcollective.com/tbs_kelly


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