Jaime Aguilo talks Valencia and Fútbol - Ep. 20

TAG TAKES: Happy Hour with Ajit Kara

Sep 22 2022 • 28 mins

Jaime Aguilo, who leads the Creative Studio at Tag New York, is a huge soccer fan, and even played on an indoor Spanish league. He successfully started his own advertising business at age 23 during the Great Recession, but has since moved to New York where he’s happier to be in ‘a league of his own,’ putting his talents to work.

HOST: Ajit Kara, CEO, Tag Americas PRODUCER / EDITOR: Kaylie Stansfield, VP Head of Marketing, Tag Americas POST PRODUCER: Esakiyarajan Shanmugam, Tag India AUDIO ENGINEER: Balamurugan Mariyappan, Tag India COVER ART: Sharon Pollack, Tag Americas