50: Leveraging The Superpower Of Questions To Create Connection And Clarity with Dr. Meghaan Lurtz (Part II)

The Human Side of Money

May 11 2022 • 1 hr 21 mins

*This is Part II of the conversation. It's a continuation of the previous episode (Episode 49). I highly recommend listening to Part I before diving into this one!*

For financial advisors and planners to do their job at the highest level requires the ability to do two things:

  1. Uncover someone's personal, intimate financial details
  2. Unearth someone's values, emotions, hopes, dreams and fears about their money and their life

Most people don't talk about one of those things with any one else in their life.

And almost NO ONE talks about both with the same person without being under the influence of something!

That's why the best financial advisors and are masters at knowing how to ask the "right" questions that elicit trust and create rapport while uncovering the financial and personal information they need to formulate the best financial planning recommendations.

Dr. Meghaan Lurtz joined the show to explain the keys to unlocking the superpower of questions with prospects and clients.

We discuss:

  • The secrets to asking great questions that get great responses
  • Two types of questions designed to instill and build trust
  • Two types of questions designed to elicit information by getting the person to open up
  • Meghaan's favorite question that she calls the "Swiss Army Knife"
  • The big mistake almost everybody makes when asking follow-up questions

And way more!

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