28: The Human Side of Digital Marketing with Samantha Russell

The Human Side of Money

Jul 21 2021 • 1 hr 23 mins

If you're a financial advisor or advisory firm who wants to pursue growth through digital marketing, but you've always been unimpressed with the results, you've probably skipped the most important part:

The human side of digital marketing.

Knowing the behavioral and psychological principles to build trust and connection online while intentionally designing for the desired behavior forms the foundation of any successful digital marketing strategy. (Especially in an industry where obtaining a client means getting them to trust you with their life savings!)

Fortunately, the industry's foremost authority on digital marketing, Samantha Russell, joined us to discuss:

  • The #1 goal for social media that most advisors get wrong
  • Specific ways to design your website for instant trust and rapport
  • The "5 Second Test" to determine the effectiveness of your website's messaging
  • Ideas for showing prospective clients what to do rather than telling them
  • How to market your advisory firm in a world where planning and investments are commoditized

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