32: A 5-Step Planning Process For Syncing Emotional and Financial Well-Being with Amy Mullen (Part II)

The Human Side of Money

Aug 25 2021 • 1 hr 1 min

There are at least three things every financial advisor wants in their relationships with clients:

1) Great conversations and connection

2) Use their money to live a fulfilled life doing the things they love

3) Seamless buy-in and follow-through on the advice given to avoid spending time following up

In fact, if you're an advisor looking for ways to enhance client outcomes or change the growth trajectory of your practice, these three would be at or near the very top of the list every time.

Yet, as research shows, the problem isn't knowing these things are important. It's knowing how to do them consistently and effectively.

Which is where it's crucial to have a process for ensuring these three things in every meeting with every client.

Amy Mullen is the President of Money Quotient, a company that arms advisors with tools, resources, and a process to consistently deliver on all three of these things.

In Part II of our conversation, we move from the "Why" to the "How" as Amy offers up specific examples from advisors she's worked with over the years:

  • The 5-Steps of the True Wealth™ Process
  • The case for having two separate discovery meetings
  • Why memorable conversation and lasting connecting actually starts with the mindset of the advisor
  • A structured process to help clients create a robust vision of their ideal life
  • How to plan and prepare for barriers to implemenation

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