55: Infusing Life Into The Financial Planning Process with Tim Maurer

The Human Side of Money

Jul 20 2022 • 1 hr 32 mins

"The future of financial planning is the infusion of life within it." - Tim Maurer

Most financial advisors do a great job focusing on WHAT clients want to achieve (Goals) and HOW to achieve it (Financial Planning).

But the best advice focuses first and foremost on WHY.

It focuses on the client's values, purpose, intentions (what's truly most important in their lives). And everything flows from there.

A financial plan without a "Why" is merely data on a page.

A portfolio without a "Why" is merely a list of investments.

Starting with "Why" infuses life into the financial planning process.

And, fortunately, Tim Maurer has been through the top trainings in the industry and has spent years teaching advisors how to do just that.

We discuss:

  • Behavioral Finance 2.0 - the future of behavioral finance in the industry
  • The four cards he uses to help advisors uncover what's most important in their clients' lives
  • "Why are we here?" - why this question is so powerful and how to use it
  • "Advisor-Driven" versus "Client-Inspired" recommendations
  • Why he never gives more than three implementation items at a time

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