20: George Kinder | The Future of Financial Planning is Life Planning

The Human Side of Money

Apr 14 2021 • 1 hr 31 mins

Financial planning without any regard for the person's dreams, values, and life they want to live is nothing more than numbers on paper.

A person's dreams, values, and life they want to live without any regard for money is nothing more than a fantasy.

Life planning is simply connecting the client's dreams and values with the strategies of financial planning that create the life of freedom that person has always envisioned.

George Kinder, the father of the life planning movement, joined the show to discuss:

  • The two pieces of advice that George gives to anyone that wants to become a great listener
  • "The Pause" - the one skill he said every advisor should know and learn
  • The two things they train advisors to listen for to enhance the conversation
  • A deep dive into the famous three questions and the best practices for applying them
  • "Lighting The Torch" - the key step in the life planning process that ignites behavior change

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