40: Successfully Guiding Clients Through The Changes And Transitions Of Life with Susan Bradley

The Human Side of Money

Dec 8 2021 • 1 hr 52 mins

"When life changes, money changes. And when money changes, life changes." - Susan Bradley

Change and transition is a constant and pivotal part of our clients' lives. And it's these moments that can shape both the future of their life and their money.

But successfully guiding clients through the changes and transitions of life requires more than sound technical knowledge and advice.

Susan Bradley coaches advisors around the world how to navigate change and joined the show to help advisors understand the dynamics of change, the psychology of transitions, and the skill set advisors need to successfully guide clients through the constant changes and transitions in life.

We discuss:

  • Why technical knowledge is insufficient to manage change and transition
  • Why decision-making is the most crucial element of navigating transitions
  • The "Decision-Free Zone": Process to help prioritize tasks without getting overwhelmed
  • The importance of being a thinking partner during times of transition to help clients develop clarity
  • An example of "sound" technical advice that morphed into "bad" advice without deep listening skills

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