Josh Hicks Shares His Hilarious New Graphic Novel Glorious Wrestling Alliance

The Lerner Podcast

Oct 19 2021 • 2 mins

Learn about Josh's inspiration and motivation behind Glorious Wrestling Alliance, a workplace comedy/ode to wrestling/exploration of anxiety that can't help but bring home the belt.

Step into the ring at Glorious Wrestling Alliance, the universe’s least-professional wrestling company. The Great Carp, an amphibious wonder, is feeling the weight of his championship. Miranda Fury has donned a mask to smash wrestling’s glass ceiling. And Gravy Train is desperate for a new gimmick, but it’s hard when you’re shaped like a giant gravy boat.

Collected in colossal full color for the first time, Josh Hicks’s cult-hit comic covers identity, anxiety, and leg drops. In this hilarious love letter to the surreal theater of pro wrestling, the insecure grapplers of GWA lock up, throw things, throw each other, and occasionally curl up into little balls.

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