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Matt Muscat

This is a podcast for real estate industry professionals who are doers. Each episode will feature an interview with a top producer or someone who is doing things differently in an exciting way. Our guarantee to you is that each episode will give you at least one tangible idea that you can execute on today. Your host is Matt Muscat, Marketing Director at Treadstone Funding in Grand Rapids, MI, and author of the Amazon Best Seller the "TAG Tangible Action Guide for Real Estate Marketing". Guests and gurus featured on this podcast are a mix of top Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders, and other industry professionals who are operating at the highest levels. This podcast is sponsored by Treadstone Funding & Neighborhood Loans. read less
Bonus Episode — The Art of Passive Income through Rental Properties
Dec 14 2020
Bonus Episode — The Art of Passive Income through Rental Properties
This bonus episode of Marketing in Other Markets is a special recording from the live giants of execution zoom event, held on 1/27/21. It is an educational  session about the art of passive income, mainly focusing on building wealth through investing in real estate. The content will be helpful for people who already have rental properties but want to manage them more efficiently. It will also be valuable for those looking to start investing-even in a competitive market. The information is also great for Realtors and lenders who advise their clients on real estate rental properties. Your giants are Kevin Polakovich and Josh Smith, who started their rental portfolio, The Fulton Group,  twelve years ago and built a rental portfolio worth $35,000,000+. Using the complete opposite of the typical landlord business model. They discuss their four keys to success: Finding your competitive differential, building a brand, accelerated debt reduction, and don't quit your day job! Where most episodes feature a top lender or Realtor, this bonus episode features a top lender and a top real estate agent who teamed up to build a better mouse trap when it comes to real estate investments. Marketing in Other Markets is proudly sponsored by Treadstone Mortgage and Neighborhood Loans.For more tangible tips in real estate marketing, check out Matt's book, The Tangible Action Guide for Real Estate Marketing available on Amazon.