Your Substitute Teacher Self Eval

Substitute Teachers Lounge

Jun 11 2023 • 18 mins

How confident are you in selling a subject you're passionate about to someone who claims to hate it? If you're a substitute teacher, this might just be the challenge you have to face. In this episode, I put myself in the evaluator's shoes, posing hypothetical performance evaluation questions for you to consider, such as making history fun and interesting for a sixth grader who's already declared their dislike for the subject. Remember, if you don't believe in the subject, the student won't either.

We also tackle the crucial topic of treating all students equally in the classroom. Self-evaluation plays an essential role in ensuring that you don't show favoritism towards some students over others. Listen in as we discuss how to answer this question effectively during an evaluation and explore ways to guarantee equal treatment for all your students. Assess yourself and find out how well you did on your self-evaluation as we challenge you to reflect on your actions and create a better learning environment.

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