RG 038 - Deal Structuring 101: How to Structure the BEST Deal Possible! with Luis Carrera

Investing In The U.S.

Aug 23 2016 • 49 mins

Another Crackin' show this week! Luis Carrera, former Civil Engineer, originally form Spain, now he lives in the U.S. and he is absolutely crushing it with his real estate investing business. To date Luis has completed over 250 real estate transactions, so he knows a thing or two about the best way to structure a deal so it is a win/win/win.... Win for the seller, win for the buyer (ie: Luis) and a win for his investors! Great down-to-earth guy who loves chatting about real estate! Head over to my website to find out more: Show notes, videos, comments! www.rsnpropertygroup.com/podcast Follow me on Facebook, twitter and the Gram (Instagram) www.facebook.com/reedgoossens www.twitter.com/reedgoossens www.instagram.com/reedgoossens Until next week, have a great week and remember.. Happy Investing!