Episode 1 - Health Literacy 2.0 - with Tom Chamberlain from EdLogics

The Health Literacy 2.0 Podcast

Feb 6 2023 • 24 mins

Welcome to our brand new show, The Health Literacy 2.0 Podcast.

For our opening episode, podcast host and health expert Seth Serxner is joined by Tom Chamberlain (CEO of EdLogics) to discuss the concept of health literacy 2.0.

Tom and Seth also discuss how EdLogics' gamified platform offers employers, universities, school systems, and communities solutions to improve health literacy and drive positive behaviors by educating people in fun and engaging ways.

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About The Health Literacy 2.0 Podcast

Welcome to The Health Literacy 2.0 Podcast from EdLogics.

Improving health literacy — the ability to understand and act on health information — is key to improving health outcomes and lowering costs.

Together with business and community leaders, we'll explore effective, behavior-changing solutions that can improve health literacy — and drive engagement in corporate and public health and wellness programs.

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