Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) replace the Holy Spirit?

Remnant Revolution Podcast

Feb 16 2023 • 57 mins

In this thought-provoking interview, we explore the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) for the body of Christ with a pastor Scott Smith with SNS Ministries, who has been reflecting on this topic. We discuss the potential benefits and risks of AI for the church, including its impact on worship, outreach, and education. We also delve into the ethical and theological implications of AI, and how it could affect human relationships and spiritual practices. The pastor shares their insights on how we can engage with AI in a way that is consistent with Christian values and principles, and offers practical suggestions for those who are interested in exploring this topic further. Whether you are a church leader, a Christian believer, or simply curious about the intersection of faith and technology, this interview is sure to stimulate your thinking and inspire further discussion. Don't miss it!

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