Billionaire HealthCare

Ashley Black

Billionaire HealthCare is geared towards the average person who wants to be healthy. Many “illnesses” are really just names given to symptoms and not the root cause. Many athletic limitations are not things that “just happen” as we age, but problems that can be improved and even prevented. In this show, Ashley will dive into these issues and enlighten you about what REALLY is going on with your body, and give you real life strategies to overcome your limitations. She believes that the knowledge of the living matrix, fascia, can completely change the HealthCare paradigm; that conventional healthcare and fitness DERAILED, and that her knowledge of the secrets of the rich and famous can get us back on track. You will take away instant strategies that you can begin to incorporate into your life immediately. The education and solutions discussed on Billionaire HealthCare will ease the question that we all ask ourselves,“Could I be better?” The answer is, “Yes you can, and here’s how!”
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Yoga and Fascia
Jul 6 2016
54 mins
Yoga and FasciaDizziness, Ringing in the Ear and Balance IssuesHealthcare TrendsBody HacksHealthcare on Its HeadHeart Shaped ButtParkinson's DiseaseStress Management, Neurotransmitters and NutritionPlastic SurgeryThe Summer OlympicsCalling all Mommies-Prenatal and Postnatal CareWorse before BetterThe Fascia BlasterBack PainFibromyalgiaHealth Hazards of Office JobsPilates- Expanding on the 100 year old practiceInjuries plaguing pro-athletes and aspirational youth alikeTop 5 Running Injuries - How they happen, how to fix them and how to train so they never happen againThe Myth of Cellulite