The Wisdom Files, Volume 2: It's Ladies' Night!

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)

Mar 8 2023 • 1 hr

(Content warning: a little strong language in the last interview.)As promised, Rebels, I definitely had to feature some of the amazing women speakers on the Wisdom app. And they certainly do deliver the inspiration in this episode! There's so much to discover and to hear, and I've only provided a mere morsel of that content to you on this show. Again, you can download the Wisdom app for free in your app store of choice (where you can find podcast apps, too), AND you can earn points for gift cards if you give lots of talks. Sweet deal , right? Thanks so much to Dayo (you can find her on the app) for her lovely creation! True story: Loyce was my guest the same night as Felicia, and she came on AGAIN after Felicia was done.! She had a lot to say-nothing wrong with that, right?

These are the Wisdom guests I was fortunate to speak with-thanks for coming in the chat, ladies! (See more details below about my chats...)

  1. Sonja M-Real Talk Radio
  2. Felicia K
  3. Loyce Hampson

These are the podcasts featured on "Sherpa Samples":

  • Baby, It's Keke Palmer
  • Killer Psyche Daily
  • Suspect
  • Cold
  • Anatomy of Murder
  • I Hear Fear
  • Five with Guy
  • Become
  • Disgraceland
  • The Joel Osteen Podcast

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