It's the Ladies from "Allegedly Credible" (talking to an allegedly talented podcast sherpa?)!!

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)

Mar 29 2023 • 44 mins

Rebels, it was such a treat to get to know these two ladies. It's amazing that 2 people with such different outlooks on life can combine their collective skills to make such an interesting podcast. (If I were to meet my polar opposite, well, he'd be, um....normal?) It just goes to show you that if you've got the heart and the drive, you can pull it all together for a podcast that can truly touch people. Thanks so much to Danielle and Melanie for swinging by!

"Allegedly Credible" faves: New Fatherhood Chronicles; Belief In Fatherhood; Random Order; Daddy Issues; Woman Evolve; Eat Smarter w/ Shawn Stevenson; Queens Talk; Jerk, Jollof, and Collard Greens Podcast; The B-Line; Murder, Mystery and Makeup; How Married Are You?; Dear Future Wife

"Allegedly Credible" info: Website; Instagram: @allegedlycredible; Facebook: @allegedlycredible

These were the podcasts featured on "Sherpa Samples":

  • Aaron Mehnke's Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Your Mom's House
  • The Flop House
  • The Girl in the Blue Mustang
  • Comedy Bang Bang
  • The Bible in a Year w/ Father Mike Schmitz
  • Critical Roll
  • The Viall Files
  • Date Yourself Instead
  • The Unplanned Podcast


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