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You are a Taurus, born between April 21 and May 21. Join me for just a couple of minutes every single day of the year to hear about the movement and relative positions of the planets and stars, and how it may impact your life, relationships, career, and more. Your future will thank you. read less

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The Taurus Daily podcast is a five-minute daily horoscope reading for anyone with a Taurus star sign. This podcast is for Taurus listeners who love to discover their horoscope. This star sign includes anyone born between April 21 and May 21.

It's a great way to start the day. Taurus Daily listeners can enjoy five minutes of mindfulness. Listening to the soothing tones of this horoscope podcast is relaxing. They'll discover which planets are aligning and what this movement of planets means. Where is the moon, and where is the sun? If the moon is in Virgo, what impact does this have on the emotions? When the sun is in Sagittarius, how might this make someone feel?

In astrology, there is a lot to learn about the position of the planets throughout the year. The Taurus Daily podcast makes it easy to understand. The show also has a calming audio voiceover. When two planets are in sync, it's called a trine. Examples might be Gemini Trine Saturn or Pluto Trine Neptune. Another planetary aspect in astrology is when two planets are square to each other. Examples include Jupiter Square Neptune or Aquarius Square Uranus. This position makes them conflict with each other, so they will have to work much harder to align. In each episode, the podcast will share these planetary positions and what it means for the day ahead.

Each horoscope shares a valuable outlook for the day across work, health, and love life. Listeners will hear if it's the right day to be creative or start a new project. Is now the time to assess a friendship circle? Or to resolve any old debts? And what does that mean for the day ahead? Every episode will also share the day's lucky color and lucky numbers. It's a relaxing way to spend five minutes. Taurus Daily listeners can get updates every day of the week.

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