'Bossing It' with Saffron Meade

The Better Work Australia Podcast

May 8 2023 • 50 mins

Saffron Meade, founder of branding agency Saffron & Co. Creative, joins me to talk about her colourful ride experiencing "bosses", and then becoming "boss" herself.

We unpick some lessons along the way including:

  • How overwork cultures are often linked to fear
  • How important getting "stability" right is for the experience of your workers, including:
    • the emotional stability and predictability of leaders
    • the basics, including pay and legal compliance
  • How we use "stories" to approach conflict through a organisational "we", rather than right/wrong perspectives that is "owned" by you
  • Understanding the drives and motivations of your people, so that you can create an environment that meets their needs
  • Getting around respect and "family" first, so that work is part of your worker's wider flourishing
  • Not wanting minions: "What's the point of having a team if they can't contribute properly?"
  • The link between employee voice and business stagnation

Thanks to Bensound for our jaunty intro and exit music, and to Fina Charleson for her production support.