Solving Emergency Issues in Student Housing by Pam Blumenthal

The Education & Empowerment Podcast

Dec 27 2022 • 28 mins

People seek different things in society for different reasons. It was a period of low interest rates and rising stock values during the pandemic. Therefore, mainstream investors were pleased. Insecurity in student housing has existed for a long time, and has been exacerbated by the Pandemic. Is it likely they would know what was happening in the educational system for children from low-income families? No way! Based on official facts and news, a 40% rent increase renders them homeless and unable to survive.

Take Pam Blumenthal's words into consideration: we can make a positive impact on society, assist students in finding housing, and make a positive difference to students' lives. If we pursue funding, seek it out, and follow up on it, we may be able to provide students with affordable housing.

Pam Blumenthal, Director of the Affordable Rents for College Students program at College Housing Northwest, brings energy and years of leadership experience to this episode. Pam will help raise awareness of the equity gap in education!

Story Notes:

  • Discussing Pam's career in student housing
  • Exploring inequalities in education and the importance of colleges providing basic needs to retain students
  • Identifying the limitations that contribute to student housing issues
  • Discussing the importance of fundraising and Pam's background in it
  • Examining student housing programs that provide opportunities for students to succeed
  • Analyzing the nonprofit college housing model

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