Metaverse Effect on Student Life by Rami Kalla

The Education & Empowerment Podcast

Feb 21 2023 • 24 mins

In the world of technology, keeping up with the latest developments can be difficult. When COVID-19 occurred, internet-based marketing and communication tools became more visible. The nature of interaction has changed. Zoom lectures and online exams are common today. We can take a virtual tour of an apartment from the comfort of our own home. Let's examine why this is so relevant. In this episode, we are delighted to welcome Rami Kalla. He is the executive producer, owner, and founder of Point in Time Studios specializing in student and multifamily housing videos and marketing. Students will benefit from his wisdom about getting information, experience, technology, and knowledge from other industries.

Story Notes:

  • What inspired you to pursue economics and finance?
  • Learning financial literature is important for any industry professional
  • How can universities leverage these financial decisions to succeed? Why is your content so valuable to students?
  • Ways to help students build skills that will be useful for their future careers, especially the junior levels
  • How can students benefit from financial education using technology?

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