#100 Jothy Rosenberg, CEO Who Says I can't

Amazing Execs Show

May 4 2022 • 1 hr 5 mins

Hello. Welcome to the Amazing Exec show. I'm your host David A. Rosen, and I'm here to introduce you today to someone very special on episode 100.

His name is Jothy Rosenberg. And he has been a serial entrepreneur, founding many, very deep tech companies, as well as working for some great programs in NASA and security programs at Draper labs and others.

But what you're going to see is not only a business athlete today, but you're going to see an amazing human athlete who's overcome his handicaps of being an amputee since he was 10 years old. To this day, he is still involved in racing and sports as active as anyone else I know if not more.

You will learn more about his perspectives as a 9 time CEO in the areas of:

  1. Being a Balanced Leader with a strong support network and family to help him succeed and navigate through challenges
  2. Managing People in various stages of growth from startup to growth to scale
  3. Commercializing Deep Technology and creating industrial products for larger markets
  4. Views on the value and roles of Board Governance and the relationship between the CEO and the Board, including investors
  5. The Value of Independent Board Members to the Business