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#101 Harry Moser - Transformations In Manufacturing and Reshoring Initiatives
Jun 29 2022
#101 Harry Moser - Transformations In Manufacturing and Reshoring Initiatives
Transforming and Reshoring Manufacturing in the US David A. Rosen Interviews Harry Moser, CEO, ReshoreNowWelcome to episode 101 of the Amazing Execs Show. I’m your host David Rosen. I would like to introduce you to Harry Moser, who is not only an amazing business leader and executive, but also is single-handedly, with his team, increasing the resurgence of Manufacturing Success and Reshoring of US manufacturing. He is the founder of Reshoring program, or also called the Reshoring Initiative. Harry Moser and I discuss the great trend of Manufacturing Reshoring that started in 2014. Manufacturing Companies, Employees and Supply Chains are not only re-thinking their China Supply Chain Policies to Diversify, but also to bring Manufacturing Closer to Demand, rather than being close to supply of cheap labor and lower cost materials. Harry's successful previous career highlighted some great accomplishments as the CEO of a Manufacturing company for more than 22 years. Harry shares his insights on what it takes to lead businesses and transform them. See or hear how Harry accelerated his company's market share from a position of #7 and #8 to the Market Leader #1 Here are the Highlights:Manufacturing Declined by 70% from the middle 80’s to today in terms of labor and the number of companies located in the US There are great resources available to evaluate the total cost of ownership of manufacturing products in the US versus other countries The Tension with China will grow dramatically in the next few years ESG assessments for offshore versus onshore production look very attractive Business Leadership by Harry Moser Grew a business, organically from #7 or # 8 in their manufacturing market segment to the #1 positioned player Learned to be less of a micro-manager Achieving greater influence in organizations to be more “sales” and customer focused and more…