What Do You Understand?

Global Partners for Development

Global Partners for Development proudly presents “What Do You Understand?” A deep dive into the many facets of philanthropy and development. We will have conversations about what really works and what really doesn’t. Do we know yet how to solve poverty? Are big ideas the answer or do we need to look for small, grassroots solutions? Experts in their field will discuss an aspect of their work that they understand particularly well. We will delve into how their work addresses global inequity with an honest conversation about impact. Let’s talk about big bets, innovation, social enterprises, large scale humanitarian aid and the fixation on “ending things” or “solving humanity’s greatest problems” and the issues that arise while tackling it all.

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Mark Casanova Talks Homelessness Solutions
Mark Casanova Talks Homelessness SolutionsNico Slate Talks History and Global ActivismPilot