Play Something (trailer)

Play Something

Mar 29 2022 • 1 min

Do you flip endlessly through the films and shows on Netflix only to realize that an hour or more has passed and all you've done is browsed? Feel like you've seen everything and even though there are hundreds and hundreds of other choices, you just can't decide? Me too… so I decided to challenge myself to start a fresh new blank profile, utilize Netflix's PLAY SOMETHING feature and watch whatever Netflix tells me to watch… whatever… and then share it with you. So Netflix uses your watch history and things you've liked to decide what you should watch next. I was curious what Netflix would do with absolutely no history and no likes. Where would it steer me? Since my history would then be decided by them, will the algorithm steer me down certain paths based on its own suggestions? Will it make me watch crap? Who knows. Well, soon, you will… because each week I'll be right here to recap and review what Netflix made me watch this week, and then we'll roll the dice to see what I'm watching next week so you can watch along with me, or just listen to get recommendations or witness me take one for the team on pure garbage. Whatever happens… I'll never lack for something to watch… because I'll always… just play something. To hear some of our other shows, check out ( or follow us on socials @worldgonegeek