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Damien Walter

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Our Editor's Take

In his podcast, Science Fiction, Damien aims to explore the tension behind the genre. What do people mean when they talk about science fiction? As Walter defines it, it's the discussion of two ideas that don't go together. One, science, is the pursuit of objective facts. The other, fiction, is the investigation of subjective experience.

This show is a place to discuss science fiction novels and tropes. But more than that, the host wants to explore larger ideas. Science fiction is a tool in this situation. It helps the listener to speculate, imagine and envision these ideas in unusual ways.

To understand more about this podcast, one should learn about the host. Damien G. Walter has all but dedicated his life to this field. He is a writer of speculative fiction and short stories published on BBC Radio. He writes and researches sci-fi novels for The Guardian, Wired, and more. In 2008, he graduated from Clarion's Science Fiction and Fantasy workshop. And nowadays, he teaches five writing classes himself.

The Science Fiction podcast is as vast as Walter's field of study. In most episodes, the host focuses on a specific work, whether a movie, TV show, or book. But this will only be the starting point. Walter explores wider thoughts that impact humankind. He draws parallels between science fiction books and politics, religion, and identity.

Some common themes are society's obsession with interstellar, space travel, and outer space, even though it's beyond their reach. Walter touches on works from Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke to Ursula K. Le Guin and H.G. Wells. And every subgenre gets a mention. The podcast discusses time travel, superheroes, extraterrestrial life, and alternate histories.

Fans of the best science fiction books will find this podcast a compelling listen. It's also for anyone interested in artificial intelligence and advanced technology.

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