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The Gun Lobby gets the Win and We Lose Again with Kris Brown
4d ago
The Gun Lobby gets the Win and We Lose Again with Kris Brown
The Supreme Court is showing us over and over how out of touch they are with not just the American people but actual reality. Last week in a shocking decision written by none other than Clarence Thomas, they twisted themselves in knots to approve the sale of bump stocks over the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. A rule implemented after the devices were used in the slaughter in Las Vegas in 2017. Our guest this week had to cancel at literally the last minute, but we thought it was a good time to revisit the gun violence issue as poll after poll shows most Americans support reasonable gun violence prevention measures from universal background checks to age limits on purchases. A recent poll shows that 85% of Americans support a ban on bump stocks. Fred interviews Kris Brown, the president of one of the leading gun violence prevention organizations, Brady, last March. That interview is as timely now as it was then. She and Fred had a robust discussion about how the continued refusal by Congress and leaders to enact laws to end this scourge is a true failure of democracy. Kris is President of Brady one of the oldest and most respected anti-gun violence organizations in the United States named after legendary White House Press Secretary and gun violence advocates Jim and Sarah Brady. Kris has led Brady since 2016 and is a long-time veteran of gun violence prevention work starting her career on Capitol Hill working for Rep. Jim Moran, advocating for the bill that would eventually become the groundbreaking Brady Bill requiring background checks on federally licensed gun sales. You can learn more at and support their work at https://www.bradyunited.org/ (This interview originally aired March 20th, 2023)   Fred’s Legal Defense Fund: https://www.gofundme.com/f/defend-democracy-against-maga-litigation   Forgotten Democrats: https://contribute.forgottendemocrats.org/join_fd?sc=hhb   Sponsors: Lumen: Lumen.me and use code: FRED to get $100 off your Lumen.
Stopping Project 2025 with Rep. Jared Huffman
Jun 13 2024
Stopping Project 2025 with Rep. Jared Huffman
Project 2025 is an insidious and extensive blueprint to dismantle the federal government and roll back Americans fundamental rights in the name of an authoritarian agenda. Led by the Heritage Foundation with over a hundred other extremist and MAGA organizations, funded by millions of dollars in dark money, and recruiting the most extreme MAGA people to flood the government if Donald Trump wins a second term, the thousand-page plan is one of the greatest threats we’ve faced in decades. This week Congressman Jared Huffman and several of his Democratic colleagues in the House announced the Stop Project 2025 Task Force to coordinate a strong response to this horrendous agenda. Congressman Huffman joins Fred this week to discuss the danger of Project 2025, what they plan to do with the Task Force, the rise of Christian Nationalism in the Congress, and much more in this important episode. Jared Huffman represents California's 2nd Congressional District which spans the North Coast of the state, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border, and includes Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, and Del Norte counties. He was first elected to Congress in November 2012 and currently serves on the Committee on Natural Resources and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. In the 118th Congress, he serves as the Ranking Member of the Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water, Wildlife, and Fisheries with jurisdiction over federal water projects, fisheries management, coastal zone and oceans policy, and wildlife and endangered species. Fred also updates us on his ongoing battle with disgraced former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. You can support his legal defense fund as this process drags out to drain his finances and silence his voice. https://www.gofundme.com/f/defend-democracy-against-maga-litigation   Sponsors: HumanN: Find out how you can get a free thirty-day supply of new Superbeets Heart Chews advanced and save 15% by going to GETSUPERBEETS.COM Rhone: Upgrade your closet with Rhone and use FRED to save 20% at https://www.rhone.com/FRED Link to the GoFundMe that I'd like to put on screen and hot link too. https://www.gofundme.com/f/defend-democracy-against-maga-litigation