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Ep. 092: The Real City Connect Jersey Project
Jul 5 2022
Ep. 092: The Real City Connect Jersey Project
GGNP is joined by Todd Christensen of Deep Cuts Vinyl to reimagine the color schemes of every North American pro sports team. The city of Pittsburgh has all their teams united under the Black and Yellow flag, today we unite all the other sports cities under their own unique color scheme. Then we decide if the new look is blessed or blasphemous. Give us your take on social media and as always, thanks for being a part of the #GGNP community!Episode 92 Info:Podcasters: Alex Fitzsimmons - @alexfitz44Andrew Té - @ndrewTeTodd Christensen - @Deep_Cuts_Vinyl_NJLike what you hear? Join our discussions and give us your takes on this and more by going to @GGNPPodcast on twitter! Also join the discussion at our Discord server: SUPPORTING Lantern Light Studios on Patreon at: to contribute to our show directly? Visit here: and as always, thank you for your support!Executive Producer: Anthony Zoccola - @AnthonyZoccola Audio Engineer: Caleb Jewell - calebjewell_Social Media Strategist: Dylan Woyton - @dylannjaeGGNP Theme by: Luke MulletTaro Theme by: RomanSenykMusic -'t forget to check out our guests on their regular show "Game Jawns", available wherever you listen to podcasts!Be sure to check out the Deep Cuts Vinyl store for all your sticker and design needsIf you are looking to start a podcast yourself, why not use the best... Riverside -