Diary of a Nation

Christina Zlotnick

Diary of a Nation is a podcast exploring the human experience. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/diaryofanation/support
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Introduction to Diary of a Nation
E25: Risky BusinessE24: Ten in the PenE23: Mushroom EnthusiastE22: Revolutions, Romance, CancerE21: A Suicide Every 40 SecondsE20: Pet StoriesE19: Escorts Enable Abortion AccessE18: First Black FamilyE17: Mothering AutismE16: IV Drug Use to Ivy LeagueE15: Man on MarsE14: Lessons from the DyingE13: Teen Who Swam the English ChannelE12: Part 2: 6.5 Years as a Vietnam POWE11: Part 1: 6.5 Years as a Vietnam POWE10: Pray Away the GayE9: I'm Sorry, You Have Breast CancerE8: Whose Land is America?E7: Part 3: Hidden in the HayE6: Part 2: Hidden in the Hay