Exploring the Boundless Universe of Star Atlas: Redefining Gaming on the Blockchain

Animoca Brands Presents

Jul 17 2023 • 52 mins

Star Atlas is a groundbreaking Web3 game that envisions a blockchain-based grand strategy, space exploration, and vastly multiplayer online game. In this episode, we get to learn about how Star Atlas embraces decentralization and permissionless innovation, offering creators and entrepreneurs a new frontier for monetizing their contributions. With its sustainable economy, non-fungible token-based revenue streams, and vision for a flourishing interconnected digital society, Star Atlas represents a major step towards the realization of the Metaverse. Michael Wagner, the Founder and CEO of Web3 game "Star Atlas," shares the game's goals and its integration into the Metaverse. He highlights the game's decentralization and permissionless innovation, revenue streams, and economic design, emphasizing the sale of NFTs and a sustainable economy through taxation. Wagner also discusses the Star Atlas DAO and its role in the game industry, highlighting the balance between market balance and necessary changes. He shares his journey in the cryptocurrency world and his gratitude for his team's hard work. The episode concludes with news about new features in games and the potential for a connected digital society.Guest:⭐Michael Wagner, Founder and CEO of Web3 game "Star Atlas"🔹 The Founder Insights Podcast is brought to you by Animoca Brands'entrepreneur-in-residence, Richard Robinson. If you are interested in learning more about broadly understood crypto, followhttps://twitter.com/animocaresearch.🔹Follow us on our twitter to stay up to date with the latest episodes! https://twitter.com/animocabrandsDisclaimer: The content of this video is for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as investment advice and does not offer, solicit, or recommend any investment product.

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