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As we navigate the realities of living while human, making art can feel impossible. Many of us have a list of the perfect conditions that must exist before we can live our creative dreams. But what if the ideal circumstances we’re waiting for never come? Join educator, writer, and storyteller Danielle Shontae Smith as she explores the daily realities of engaging in the creative process during times of trial. Featuring a mix of solo episodes and conversations with guests, The Art of Doing Life is for those of us trying to make art from the messiness of our lives. // read less
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2: What Thrives in Silence
May 12 2023
2: What Thrives in Silence
Well. This episode didn't go according to plan...and that's okay. Breathe. Remember that self-compassion and the creative process can (and should) co-exist. In this imperfect episode, I explore the gifts and risks of silence and why pain and trauma need a place to live. Note: This episode contains a content warning. The content note and timestamps are below. Please listen with care. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS 1. Perfectionism has entered the chat... 2. Why I’m celebrating myself right now 3. Content warnings: What they are and why this episode has one 4. Meet the two voices that live within me 5. The ways in which pain and trauma speak to and through us 6. Story sharing and giving pain somewhere to land *** FROM THIS EPISODE To access show notes and other information relevant to this episode, click here⁠Learn more about A Seat At The TableRead my book: ⁠A Map You Cannot Refold⁠Mindful Self-Compassion: Center for Mindful Self-CompassionDr. Brené Brown: WebsiteAudre Lorde: Sister Outsider  CONTENT NOTE & TIMESTAMPS In this episode, I discuss the following subjects. The mentions are brief, but they are present. Please listen with care. 21:05-23:02 Mental health challenges affecting college students, suicidal ideation, suicide23:40-25:33 Obsessive-compulsive disorder, emotional abuse (referenced, but no details)28:26-29:06 Disordered eating and self-harm behaviors RESOURCES View a selective list of organizations that offer direct services and provide education programs and initiatives to address eating disorders, intimate partner/domestic violence, mental health, and sexualized violence: Resources ABOUT A SEAT AT THE TABLE A Seat At The Table is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide free or low-cost community resources and activities to the public and communities in the Antelope Valley. Learn more about them and how to support their work on their website or Facebook page. CONNECT WITH ME If you enjoyed this episode, please follow the show or subscribe on your favorite podcast platformTo financially support me and my work, ⁠you can do so hereYou can connect with me at⁠ or by email at podcast@msdaniellesmith.comI have a love-hate situationship with ⁠Instagram⁠: @writedaniellesmith