Consumerism and Marketing Technology – a Conversation with Carrie Liken, Head of Healthcare Industry at Yext

The New Normal: Conversations About the Future of Healthcare

May 26 2020 • 30 mins

The topic of consumerism is not new to healthcare – we have been talking about this for more than a decade. The trends in the marketplace are clear - consumers are actively demanding better access and more information so they can make better decisions about their care. While health systems have embraced the use of digital to support this rise of consumerism, you may wonder: is healthcare marketing truly poised to fully understand our customer’s needs? And have we built the right systems in place to support these efforts? In this episode, I speak with Carrie Liken, Head of Healthcare at Yext. Carrie is passionate about the intersection of healthcare and technology, with over 15 years of advanced education and experience in the industry. In her past experience, she helped found the healthcare team at Google, and built an expertise in the digital patient journey and patient acquisition for health systems Listen in as we discuss how healthcare marketing must shift to understand our customers better, and how marketing technology will evolve to support our industry in a post-COVID19 world. Show Notes: Carrie Liken on LinkedIn Carrie Liken on Twitter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit