International Women’s Day: Spotlight on Wendy McPherson


Mar 1 2024 • 51 mins

Wendy is the Chief Operating Officer at Inclusive Boards, who support some of the UK’s largest charities with efforts to improve board diversity and develop stronger governance structures. Wendy has over 25 years service within the public sector, working with local authorities to serve highly deprived communities in London. She’s a course instructor on Inclusive Boards ILM accredited leadership programme and recently completed our Social Investment Unpicked e-Learning programme.

We caught up with Wendy to explore…

-    Her experiences in social investment thus far, with a focus on diversity in the sector -    Her take on inclusion and who else has inspired her on this topic  -    Reflections on her career so far, what she’s proud of and top tips for any listeners on how they can celebrate achievements, raise awareness about discrimination and take action to drive gender parity.