ENMAX: Powering Up for the Future


Mar 7 2023 • 30 mins

This week our guest is Jana Mosley, President of ENMAX Power. Headquartered in Calgary with operations across Alberta and Maine, ENMAX Corporation is a leading provider of electricity services, products and solutions. Jana is responsible for ENMAX’s regulated transmission and distribution business in Calgary. She also directs ENMAX’s power infrastructure, engineering and maintenance services.

Here are some of the questions Jackie and Peter asked Jana: Why did ENMAX purchase the business in Maine? What is ENMAX doing to help customers with affordability and adoption of clean energy? Is net-zero electricity possible by 2035 for ENMAX? What are you doing to prepare for a growing number of electric vehicles (EVs), trucks and medium duty fleet vehicles?  Besides EVs do you expect other electricity load growth? Will Calgarians be able to use their EVs in their homes for battery back-up and for sending electricity back to the grid? Do you expect that there will be a need to build new wires and equipment to people’s homes to support EVs and other load growth?

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